I put my hands up and surrender! I am the biggest sucker for a good love story. I’m really supposed to be putting out an application for an awesome job for Ryan and I to have.. and I’ve spend the past couple of hours reading love stories from old friends, flipping through blogs. Ahhh I’m the biggest sap!

As I side note, I am currently writing a love song as well. It’s about as raw as I get, except for the song I’m writing after that.

Anyway! Love. Who doesn’t like a good love story? It’s probably especially prominent because I am so.. so.. ridiculously, wonderfully in love. It’s silly. I AM one of those girls who used to drive me insane with how giddy I get over Ryan. Every day feels like Christmas, and he is the ultimate present. He really is my gift and my treasure. However, our love story shall never be posted anywhere.. that much I can promise. At least not written under these finger prints. There are pictures of us though. Cute ones. They’re all on my personal facebook page. I could definitely gush about that man forever.

You see? The feeling of love is addicting. I love reading about the cute things that people’s partners do for them, seeing awesome engagement photos (speaking of which, I really want some new ones done.. especially since our anniversary is coming up! Eek!) wedding photos and stories, etc.

However, I will never submit to liking chick flicks. There is a line between reality and fantasy and I like reading about real love stories! Also, most love songs drive me crazy. Actually I think it’s just typical, rhetorical lyrics that just rub me in the wrong way in general.

This is me now, reminiscing and thankful for such an amazing love. Now, maybe I’ll attempt to get back to work?