Have you ever had one of those days where you’re supposed to be
focusing on something else entirely, but your head is simply in the
clouds? This is where mine is today. In school, I’m learning about how
to read better, not necessarily write. Though, I just can’t refrain
from writing currently. I’m far too excited, and the epiphanies which
lead here are most desirable for me to write down.
Life is not a struggle. This idea which I’ve been playing with for
years has finally resonated within my system. I constantly wondered
how people could be successful and happy, despite common life
pitfalls. I think that I now know the answer… Life just isn’t a
struggle. When you let life flow, you don’t really think about how
difficult tasks are. You’re simply too busy accomplishing them.
After looking back on past blogs, I find it amazing how I use to focus
on the negative with every atom inside my body. I put so much effort
into being miserable, that I didn’t allow myself to be happy. I had
every circumstance within my favor to be the happiest person I
possibly could be. I have the blessing of not being ignorant. By that
I mean; I’m perfectly aware of my flaws, the flaws of the world, and
how to deal with people around me. I’m aware, though, putting it into
action is a much different process. I feel that I’m completely
selfish, because I have knowledge. There are many who simply don’t
know how to deal with life, or to handle situations. I know how to
deal, yet I don’t put my thoughts into action.
Fear is as much an addiction as any. I’ve been aware for quite a while
that I thrive on fear. Without it, I don’t know if I’d know how to
deal with life. I’d have to relearn everything I’ve ever learnt. I’d
have to go back to a child-like state. My mind resists the idea of a
completely easy life. It contradicts everything I’ve ever learned
about… However, it is a natural state of being. Life has little
hiccups, of course, but we’re not meant to be in flight-or-fight every
second of every day. It’s amazing how much effort I put into resisting
my natural state of being. I become completely miserable and it’s of
my own doing.
Life is, as the river. Continually flowing in many directions, and
always flowing to a bigger ocean. The river knows no real limitations;
if there is an opening, it will flow into it. The river can never go
off course. There is no course to follow, it simply flows. The pattern
is not predestined. It can be changed by a wisp in the wind, or it can
freeze when winter comes along. Either way, it adapts to the
environment that it’s placed in. It doesn’t often rage; it just flows
with whatever way it’s taken. If it is violent, it’s not intentionally
and is usually only perceived as violent through seers on the outside.
All life is, is energy. We are all part of one energy; source which is
encompassed of love and life. The energy is pure. What we put out
always comes back in some form. I still think that children are the
easiest people to understand this. In many ways, children have the
wisdom which we all desire to have. As a child, you don’t know
limitations. As a source of energy, we don’t need limitations. It’s as
human beings that we enforce limitations. These are thoughts that I
previously have thought of many times, but now truly understand.
When I make a “mistake”, I don’t need to damn myself. When I come to a
conclusion that is different than another, or from what I’ve been
taught, I can relax. There is nothing wrong with having an open mind.
All things come with time. There is no need to worry, for as long as
I’m alive my life is perfect. When life changes; it’s an opportunity
to grow. I can accomplish my goals. It’s simply who I’m supposed to
be, and what my life is supposed to be like. The constant progression
is natural. The only thing to be feared is fear itself, for fear is
just an illusion of the mind.
Life is not a struggle. It’s a present to be unwrapped.