“It’s strange to me… As the lyrics and melodies spill out of my head, onto the page, it’s so familiar; every single time. It’s as if I’ve already written these songs before, and know them by heart. It’s such a beautiful feeling.”

This quote is incredibly accurate for the singer/songwriter, Kotarah Soleil. From a young age, music took place in her life. Although having to find a style of her very own as her household was rather quiet, it always seemed to find a place within her heart. She first started discovering a love of singing from church choirs, school choirs and performing small duets for family get togethers with her sister. It wasn’t until she was about thirteen years old that she decided to take music more seriously, and performed solo for the first time. She performed “Only hope” by Mandy Moore at a Christmas party. “It was nerve-wracking. I didn’t get the high note in it out of shaking fear of being in front of people.” but it was that performance which really turned everything around, for after that she started to take singing lessons for four years which evolved her music drastically. “I was trained with a folk-style music. Up until that point I had only ever really listened to Britney Spears, church music, or other pop artists. It was hard for me to get through it at first, but now it’s what I’m completely in love with. I love folk/celtic music so much now.”

Although she can’t really identify herself with a particular genre, one things for sure: This artist has used music to get through some very tough times, and it shows through her heartfelt lyrics. “It seems, at times like my life has been nothing but change, and it’s always so difficult to adjust to. Life is all about change, though so I’m happy that I was able to learn so much, in such a short amount of time.” Short it has been. This young Alberta-bred singer is only 21 years old.

Things have started to change recently as well. She is currently working with HMP Recording to record a CD, and finally launch herself as an artist. There are many things to look forward to.

“I want to share my music with the world. I feel like I have things which need to be said, especially in a world where music has become so artificial. I want to inspire other people for the good.”

So really, the journey is just beginning for this young artist.